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Stuart Smith
We run our data centre on Linux servers but we have a file that has to be sent in EBCDIC. Of course, it is impossible to read EBCDIC on an ASCII machine. Hex Editor Neo allows me to do this AND even allows me to edit the file where necessary. I downloaded the free version to get me past the immediate hurdle but have found it so valuable that I am going to upgrade to the paid version.
Thanks so much for this great tool.
Stuart Smith Cooperative Synergies Inc. General Manager
Jack Rubin
The fact that I got a response to my questions about operation and features of the free edition within hours of posting to the support site was a strong factor in convincing me to support this product by purchasing a license rather than simply continue to use the entirely adequate free product.
Jack Rubin Hobbyist
Chris Edmonson
Seems like I've used Hex Editor Neo for over 10 years now, its my go to tool for any data investigation. Its the tool I always wanted to write, but never had the time. It has everything imaginable, I've never felt the need to look for an alternative tool.
Chris Edmonson Developer
Gunhan Kaytaz
Powerful tool. Makes life easy dealing with binary files. Floating workspace is a very useful feature for me. There are several other layouts available for different kinds of projects. I defined my own display scheme and saved it. There are tons of features scattered throughout the menus. I find most of the options where I presume them to be at. All in all I love using HHD's products. Keep up the good work folks.
Gunhan Kaytaz
Antonio Lopes
I use "Hex Editor Neo" to search and/or compare printer commands. Using Desktop version of my software I produce a "PRN" file, binary representation of a printed label. Then I open this binary file and search for commands used to obtain the printed label and compare it with commands that I have used.
Antonio Lopes Dacks Programmer
Aaron, Nau
I am new in the field of computer science and often times I want to know what actually stands in a file to determine what the problem is. For example I had a program which did not want to boot up and I wanted to compare that partition to other ones who worked. With Hex Editor Neo I could compare the boot settings byte by byte and in doing so also learn about how a partitioning table works.
Aaron, Nau
Tianrui, Guo
Excellent when analyze binary dataset.
Tianrui, Guo
View and Edit Binary Files
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View and Edit Binary Files