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Released on 7/2/2021
Latest release
Fixed bugs
Unable to install the product on Windows 11
This release fixes installer incompatibility with Windows 11.
Crash in Find All function
This release fixes a crash in the editor when Find All function is instructed to operate on multiple selection.
Automatic upgrade is broken

Automatic upgrade to this version may be broken! Please download the latest version and run the downloaded installer manually in case automatic installer fails.

Released on 2/17/2021
Fixed bugs
Crash on startup
Application could crash on startup on some computers.
Invalid PNG structure definition sample
A bug in png.h has been fixed that incorrectly checked for a valid PNG file signature.
Released on 1/17/2021
Fixed bugs
Crash on startup on some computers
Application could crash on some installations of Windows 7.
Periodic long application startup time
The issue that sometimes caused long application startup times has been fixed.
Crash during structure binding
Hex Editor Neo could crash during binding of a specific structure definition.
Incorrect exporting of Motorola S37 format
Hex Editor Neo sometimes produced invalid data when exporting to Motorola S37 binary format.
Inconsistent behavior when opening duplicate files
Application could display incorrect error messages when user tried to open duplicate documents.
Released on 8/13/2020
Fixed bugs
Crash when language folder changed
The program may crash if language storage folder is changed.
Crash on exporting Find in Files results
The program crashes when Find in Files results are exported.
Crash when JavaScript Structure Viewer's code fails
The program may crash if JavaScript code embedded in structure definition throws an exception.
Fixed add_color_value function
add_color_value function did not behave according to documentation.
Rare crash on startup
Program may crash on startup during structure definition files compilation.
Downloader window visual glitches
Downloader window may be resized incorrectly when loading window layout.
New features
New Open Device command
New Open Device command allows the user to open a specific storage device by specifying its path. The program then automatically discovers whether this is a logical (volume) or physical (disk) device and opens it for editing.
Updated features
Structure Viewer's optimization
Structure Viewer's performance has been greatly enhanced when binding structures with a lot of pointers.
Improved support for non-standard volumes
Open Volume command now provides better support for non-standard volumes.
Released on 5/28/2019
Fixed bugs
Minor bug in installer
A minor bug in new installer has been fixed.
Released on 5/27/2019
Updated features
Updated Installer
This release features an updated installer, which is much faster in every operation and provides outstanding product installation experience.
Released on 4/11/2019
Fixed bugs
Several reported bugs fixed
This release fixes several reported bugs, including application crashes.
Incorrect window position/size handling
It was impossible to reduce the size of several editor windows (like Find, Fill and others) after they have been enlarged. Fixed.
File handle leaks fixed
Hex Editor Neo sometimes did not properly close file handles after they have been closed in the editor. Fixed.
Updated features
Resizeable Compare Files Window
Compare Files window is now resizeable.
Data Inspector window performance improvements
Data Inspector field update performance has been improved.
Released on 3/22/2019
Fixed bugs
Fixed NTFS Streams operations
Commands in NTFS Streams window may not function after Search NTFS Streams command execution. Fixed.
Layout settings not restored
Layout settings are not restored after restarting Hex Editor Neo. Fixed.
Crash in structure binding
Hex Editor Neo may crash after binding structure definitions with embedded JavaScript. Fixed.
Crash during structure definition editing
Hex Editor Neo may crash after editing a structure definition file if definitions from it are currently being used by Structure Viewer. Fixed.
Beta packages could not be installed
Beta packages could not be successfully installed on Windows 7.
Released on 2/15/2019
Fixed bugs
Several reported bugs fixed
This release fixes a number of reported and internally discovered bugs.
Released on 3/29/2017
Fixed bugs
Broken automatic upgrade fixed
This release fixes a broken automatic update downloading.

Automatic upgrade to this version is still broken. Please upgrade manually by downloading and running an installer from this page.

Released on 3/1/2017
Fixed bugs
Multiple bug fixes
A number of reported and internally discovered errors have been fixed.
Released on 8/26/2016
Updated features
High-DPI Support
This release makes Hex Editor Neo fully compatible with high-definition displays.
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View and Edit Binary Files
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